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The Internet has made our world faster and easier than ever! You type few letters before even completing the word Google will already know what you are talking about. But have you noticed something, every time you hit the search button you not only get content that’s web-based but also video based? In fact, 70% of the search nowadays on Google are video-based search. Video has become popular with especially all these YouTube bloggers. Video feels personal and a person sitting in front of the screen can somehow relate. Therefore if it comes down to flourishing your business uploading videos will outgo to do that. Once your company’s video is out there your brand is out there as well.
Today I will brief you on video marketing advantages and how it will act as huge advantage for upcoming dream company along with the money you’d have to invest that is for your videography cost.

If you like to get a videography done for your company then RISINGSUN VIDEO in Singapore is the ultimate spot with the best services and economical rates.

Now coming back to that list of advantages:
 1) EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY: We have the expert team to shoot at any event at any time. We are available with the best cameras so that we do not miss on to shoot anything important in your event.


2) CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION EXPERTISE: Well, all good things come with a price tag on them. So will your experienced videographer. The higher you are ready to go, the better expert will be ready to devote hours to you. For a fresh graduate, you’d have to pay around 100-120$/hour but for any other production fee usually begins from 120-250$/hour.


3) CUT IT SHORT OR KEEP IT GOING: Longer the video more is the expense as it’ll require more filming time.


4) SOUND OF LOVELY MUSIC: A good quality music or sound effects never hurt a video. Intact it enhances it all the way more. Usually, 30-200$/track would be the fee.


5) SEMINAR VIDEO PRODUCTION – If you are organizing a seminar in Singapore, then for Seminar video production then you must consult us. We give you the wide coverage of the entire seminar video.

TIP: Now that you have already decided that a video will be good for your company. Don’t forget to take a piece of paper and jot down all these points. I suggest doing so because these points will help you understand what you want in a video and also make a budget. The agency will then take care of the rest.

RISINGSUN VIDEO is a very comprehensive business portal. RISING SUN offers a videographer but not just a videographer but event videographer, Seminar videographer, a professional videographer, corporate videographer along with event videographer Singapore, training for video recording, a workshop for video recording and very reasonable videography cost.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

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